Essential Tips to Help You plan Holiday Social Media Content

Holidays have always had the usual pomp and fanfare with scheduled vacation visits to new destination spots. But with the current global health pandemic raging on, the holiday season will look markedly different. Most destination spots and areas have closed because of imposed lockdowns and other operational difficulties. Other small businesses that relied on store displays and walk-ins have to become creative, and this encompasses where social media comes in.

Businesses can rely on social media and virtual promotions to have a more significant business grip during these unusual holiday times. But how can small businesses go about it? How can they make the most out of the situation through social media?

Crucial Guidelines to Assist You Plan Your Social Media Content

Suppose you want to ensure that you don't miss out on anything regarding your social media holiday content diary or want to start from scratch. In that case, you can always consider the following to get a handle on planning your holiday's social content.

• Promote offers and sales from early on. You have to outcompete the competition by always staying ahead. So ensure that your followers get information on your sales and any forthcoming sales during the holiday. It can assist them in the planning of their shopping listing. Further, start your 2021 holiday content marketing immediately if you had not begun since people began shopping for the New Year around October. So start posting on your social media to stay ahead if not on par with the competition.

• Use shops in creating a simulated in-store experience. The tip can work correctly for you if you happen to venture into the retail business. You can always use the various e-commerce features that you can get. It implies establishing a Facebook or Instagram shop, which can work on both platforms. The shops can help you sell products within the social platforms besides getting discovered by probable clients that you would otherwise have not comprehended your products' existence. So consider setting up a social platform shop if you currently don't have one to boost your business.

• Post consistently and at the appropriate time. The global health pandemic has changed many things in 2020, which includes trends and habits on social media. One key trend that has changed due to the pandemic entails the optimal period for posting on any social platform. A study on Sprout Social stipulates how the audience activity has transformed considerably on diverse social media outlets. So it would help to take time and review the times that prove most popular, especially to most of your followers. After identifying what periods of the day your followers prefer getting online, you can then post during these heightened activity periods. Further, you can always check the audience activity by using insights, especially when you have a Facebook or Instagram business account.

• Always answer your customers. It proves crucial as ever to respond to direct messages and comments by followers and customers on your social networks. You can use such feedback to boost or transform your brand by turning negative experiences into something positive to get loyal customers. However, you have to consider responding to both negative and positive feedback in a timely and consistent manner. Consider changing or adjusting the product you have to offer when customers engage less or ask for specific things on your holiday content plan. You can then measure the new product's response and performance once you modify elements based on customer feedback.

• Schedule the social network content to save time. Different types of schedulers exist, but you can always opt for Ripl to create and schedule your social network content before time. Scheduling before time can prove useful in avoiding things like missing out on content posting opportunities, besides saving you time in the extended scheme of things. Further, by scheduling your content, you also get enough time to concentrate on other things besides avoiding the urge of reactive posting.

• Develop a cohesive outlook with social network content. You have to decide on what your seasonal or holiday content has to resemble. Therefore, pick a theme or color palette and stick by it in your holiday content posting. Ripl has expertly designed templates that have diverse looks, which makes the whole process simple.


To plan your holiday social network content, you have to consider the outlined guidelines to ensure it garners enough traction to boost your business.

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